Friday, 25 May 2012

Ron Mueck

I am always fascinated by artists who use processes and materials to create work which makes me wonder how on earth they created the pieces that they do, and leave me with a sense of amazement and wonder. One such artist who does this for me is Ron Mueck.

I ventured up to Hauser and Wirth, and I am so glad I managed to catch this show before it closes. His work first caught my attention at the Millenium Dome with the huge crouching boy installation and then again as artist in residence at the National Gallery a few years ago.

He creates a sense of wonder with his hyper realistic figures, but adds a surrealistic twist when he plays with the scale of the figures - either reducing them or enlarging them in scale. 

The attention to detail is amazingly obsessive, down to the individual application of single hairs in eyebrows and eyelashes and on legs.  

The hyper realistic figures are very reminiscent of Duane Hanson's work in the 1970s. There were only four pieces in this exhibition but again the sense of wonder and empathy for the figures made the visit worthwhile for me. Stunning!

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