Saturday, 11 February 2017

Whole Lotta Love

It's that time of year again - the season of love, and currently gracing the Rowley Gallery front window is a 'whole lotta love' provided courtesy of yours truly. They have L.O.V.E. Love (above), inspired by both the Al Green classic, and the seminal piece of Pop Art by Robert Indiana. It is 50cm x 50cm in an ash box frame.

The Rowley Gallery also have Romance (above), a 23cm x 23cm piece created from vintage sheet music of a variety of classic love songs. 

There is also Gesture VI and Gesture VII (below), pairs of hands stitched from golden thread forming the heart/love symbol - so beloved of Instagram selfies - with a central golden butterfly.

And lastly are my brand new Allegiance hearts (below), available in gold or silver leaf. Stop the press! Apparently the gold version (pictured below) has now sold but you can contact the gallery to commission one of your very own. (The larger gold version of Allegiance will be available in the gallery very soon). All pieces come in ash box frames.

To get a piece of this hot love action contact the Rowley Gallery. Happy Valentine's Day!

Rowley Gallery
115 Kensington Church Street
London, W8
Tel: 020 7727 6495