Friday, 2 November 2018

Ian Davenport: Colourscapes

Ian Davenport's Colourscapes at Waddington Custot is an absolute joy of a show, revelling in the sheer sensuousness of paint and the myriad combination of dazzling delights to be extracted from the colour spectrum.

  The Field, 2018

 Blossom, 2018

 Cold Fall, 2018

The central gallery space contains these large-scale, sculptural Puddle Paintings, which introduce an element of chance to Davenport's work as the attractive colours pool and curdle on the floor creating beautiful marble effects. These Puddle Paintings need to be exploited and developed further perhaps, to create freestanding sculptures of pure colour in a similar vein to the thickly impastoed painterly sculptural interventions of Glenn Brown (here).

 La Cra, Harvest (After Van Gogh) 2018

 Mirrored Place, 2017

Olympia, 2018

 Grey Olympia (After Manet), 2018

The Harvest Study 2 (After Van Gogh), 2018

 Delta, 2018 and Shimmer, 2018

The Splat paintings (top) resemble blooms of flowers, and recall the works of the midcentury American action painters. There is a dizzying sense of movement in the smaller works which seem to ripple and shift within the confines of their backings like undulating currents of colour.

Shimmer, 2018

 Whirl, 2018 and Flow 2, 2018
 Current, 2018

 Flow, 2018

 Whirl, 2018

Chartwell Park, 2018

Utterly marbleous!

Ian Davenport: Colourscapes
until 8th November
Waddington Custot
11 Cork Street