Sunday, 25 November 2018

Egon Schiele

Self Portrait in a Peacock Waistcoat, 1911

Another artist whose work is ubiquitous this year is Egon Schiele, it being the hundredth anniversary of the death of both himself and his friend and mentor Gustav Klimt. There is currently a show of both artists work at the Royal Academy in London, but it was to the Fondation Louis Vuitton I made my way once again whilst in the French capital, on a rainy Parisian evening, to witness this intriguing double-header of an exhibition featuring the work of Schiele and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

I don't think any exhibition of Schiele's work will surpass those that I saw last year in Vienna at the Albertina (here), and the Leopold Museum (here), both of which were dazzlingly comprehensive retrospectives, perfect showcases for his amazing expressionist draughtsmanship and painting. This exhibition though contains many works that I hadn't seen before, and contrasts and lays bare the similarities of two figurative artists with expressionistic styles, both regarded as rebellious outsiders in their day, and who had both died before they reached the age of 30. Sensibly though the curators have separated the exhibition space, giving both artists their own areas. A good Schiele exhibition is always an intense, deeply challenging affair, and with this one I was again left in raptures at the way in which Schiele handles the big themes of mourning, death, desire, and blatant sexuality. I also admire the sense of defiance and menace exuded by many of the models in his paintings and drawings who stare confrontationally out of the picture plane. This is yet another exhibition which serves as a reminder to artists to keep looking and drawing. If only I could draw like this!

Self Portrait, 1910

Self Portrait with Physalis, 1912

Self Portrait, 1913

Two Seated Girls, 1911

Roderick Mackey, Pianist, 1913

Self Portrait, 1910

Boy in a Green Coat, 1910

Reclining Nude, Girl in  a Striped Smock, 1911

Portrait of a Gentleman, Carl Reininghaus, 1910

Portrait of Doctor X, 1910

Portrait of Otto Freund, 1910

Portrait of Eduard Kosmak, 1910

Self Portrait With Open Mouth, 1910

Standing Man, 1913

Study of Hands

Danaƫ, 1909

Nude Boy Lying On a Patterened Blanket, 1908

Self Portrait, 1914

Self Portrait in Green Shirt With Eyes Closed, 1914

Self Portrait in Jerkin With Right Elbow Raised, 1914

Standing Boy in a Striped Shirt, 1910

Self Portrait with Model, 1913

Self Portrait with Model, 1913 (detail)

Self Portrait with Model, 1913 (detail)

Cowering Boy, Paul Erdman, 1915

Autumn Sunflowers, 1918

The Small Town, 1914

The Bridge, 1913

Pregnant Woman and Death, 1911

Procession, 1911

The Lovers, 1918

The Prostitute, 1913

Reclining Woman With Blonde Hair, 1914

Seated Semi-Nude, 1914

Standing Female Nude With Blue Cloth, 1914

Standing Nude, 1917

 Standing Nude, 1917

Portrait of the Artists Wife Holding Her Right Leg, 1917

Egon Schiele
until 14th January 2019
Fondation Louis Vuitton
8 Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi
Bois de Boulogne